Fatal RhythmFATAL THYTHM by R. B. O’Gorman

Immaculada Books Medical Mystery/Thriller (1st in series)

R. B. O’Gorman strikes gold with his first medical mystery. When the number of cardiac patients dying during the graveyard shift in a Texas hospital begins to climb with no logical explanation, young resident, Dr. Joe Morales is tapped to replace his good friend working in the cardiac ICU. His brilliant friend, by all appearances, has not taken good care of the patients on his watch. Morales quickly realizes that something is terribly wrong in the cardiac ICU, something dark and strange, but none of his supervisors will listen. It’s clear that Dr. De la Toure, the elder statesman on the cardiac surgical staff, has lost his magic touch, and his patients are dying at an alarming rate – patients who should have done well in surgery.

Add a hospital administrator determined to bring new life to the bottom line of the hospital, a lonely head nurse who is a sexual overachiever, and Morales’ fears that his indigent background will be discovered and he will fail like his friend did. The plot is more than intricate enough to fool the most intrepid reader. Like John Grisham and his expertise with legal mysteries, O’Gorman brings his expertise as a cardiovascular surgeon to the pages of this book. His writing is clear with sharp pacing and well-developed, believable characters.

This review was provided by Mahala Church for her column Barefoot Book Reviews in the March 2015 issue of The Book Breeze.

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