Spicy New Releases

ForeverGreen_w8344_300FOREVER GREEN By Carolina Montague Spicy Paranormal Released Jan 7 by The Wild Rose Press in print and ebook

Kim Parker will do anything to complete her environmental science degree, even collecting data in an off-limits area of Yosemite. Vampire Rakesh Alcourt’s job as night ranger serves as a cover for his own studies. When he catches a young woman in his section of Yosemite, his brutal Hunger stuns him. But when a secret project to eliminate humanity throws Rakesh and Kim together, the attraction between them explodes.

PromiseThem_w8918_300PROMISE THEM By Mitzi Pool Bridges Spicy Romantic Suspense Released Feb 6 by The Wild Rose Press in print and ebook

PROMISE THEM is the final book in the Callahan Series. The children have their own family now (and their own book). Now it is Mom’s turn. When handsome Beau Chandler buys the ranch next to the Callahan spread, sparks fly. But Nellie has issues and her grown children disapprove. Will Nellie and Beau settle their problems or will a bullet from a cattle rustler end it all?

TheWidows_Gallery_w9270_medTHE WIDOW’S GALLERY By Marilyn Baron Spicy Women’s Fiction/Romance Released Feb 11 by The Wild Rose Press in print and ebook

Childless heiress Abigail Adams Longley and three other widows bond over a Renaissance masterpiece in Florence, Italy, and find love, friendship and joy in their joint venture to open an art gallery at the Longley mansion in Lobster Cove, Maine. Since the death of her husband, Abigail has been lonely and drifting in a house that’s too big and a town that’s too small. When she literally runs into sexy widower and whale-watching excursion captain Tack Garrity on the dock, she’s entranced by his adorable five-year-old daughter. But will Tack, who has harbored a secret crush on Abigail for almost two decades, be able to capture her heart? A secret pact her husband made with Tack could either tear them apart or bring them closer together and change their lives forever.

SlightlyNoble_w9291_750SLIGHTLY NOBLE By Lilly Gayle Spicy Historical Romance Released Feb 27 by The Wild Rose Press in print and ebook

American privateer, Captain Jack isn’t really an American, but heir to a viscountcy. When his father dies, he leaves everything not entailed with the estate to his worthless cousin. Jack’s only hope of inheriting his mother’s ancestral home and honoring her dying wish is to marry and produce an heir before his thirty-fifth birthday—in five months. And he doesn’t have a single prospect. Pregnant and unwed, Abigail Halsey is sent by her father to an Anglican convent until he can find a family to adopt his grandchild or a husband for his daughter. Abby has other plans, but they go awry when she goes into labor early and her rescuer, a pirate captain turned lord, insists on marrying her. Is Jack too much like his jealous, unforgiving father? Can Abby overcome her fear of men and have a real marriage? Or will she never be anything more than the unwanted wife of a Slightly Noble Viscount?

An Angel Healed DQC

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