Adding LibADDING LIB (The McGinn Series, Book 1)

Kathryn Elliott

The Wild Rose Press, Inc. (December 19, 2014)

If you like the TV show, The Middle, you’ll love Kathryn Elliott’s debut novel, Adding Lib (Book 1 in The McGinn Series). Elliott’s book is nothing less than a tribute to finding humor in family life. The following excerpt illustrates the type of humor found throughout the book.

“Bus!” he (the dad) yelled. “Move it, or miss it!”

Storming the kitchen like a herd of sneaker-clad buffalo, Shannon and Charlie grabbed their respective toaster thingies and made a dash for the bus stop.

“Bye, Mom!” They hollered in unison.

Libby followed as far as the front porch. “Learn lots. Make our outrageous taxes worth it!”

Libby O’Rourke manages the normal ups-and-downs of middle-class life with the help of her husband, best friend, a few drinks and Cheese Bites. Her perception of a great morning is drinking her first cup of coffee without interruptions. If only the PTO didn’t frustrate her with their plans to spend thirty thousand dollars on a Kiddie Kardio Slide and the school counselor would get off her back about her first grader’s disturbing artwork. And then there’s her mom.

Libby’s mom, Mae, is a force to be reckoned with. Mae has no problem voicing her opinion on any number of topics and treats Libby as if she’s a child. When Mae shows the early signs of dementia and causes a fire that destroys her kitchen, her three grown children have some planning to do to ensure her safety.

With the support of her good-natured husband, Libby faces the most frustrating situation of all with humor.

\Kathryn Elliott delivers a book that handles everyday frustrations with aplomb. Adding Lib was a pleasure to read and I look forward to the rest of The McGinn Series.

This review was provided by Jackie McMurray for her column Jackie’s Jargon in the February 2015 of The Book Breeze.

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