Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher's MysteriesThe Australian Broadcast Company produced a wonderful series based on Kerry Greenwood’s books the Phryne Fisher Mysteries about a 1920’s female detective.

Full of sass and a wardrobe to kill for Phryne Fisher (Esse Davis) solves mysteries with the help of the be-still-my-heart Detective Inspector Jack Robinson (Nathan Page).  Tackling subjects such as abortion and homosexuality not to mention Miss Fisher’s bohemian lifestyle this series is a delight.  Netflix currently has the first two seasons (or series as they call them) and a third season is currently being filmed and set to air in 2015.

Kudos to the set director and wardrobe designer for capturing the 1920’s in all their glory.

Cocaine Blues

As always I think you should read the book first so settle in one evening and gobble down (they are fairly short works) the wonderful books of Kerry Greenwood then grab an episode or two of shear visual delight on your favorite streaming device of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

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