Romance Reviews – An Angel Healed and Love Redesigned

AN ANGEL HEALED The Cavelli Angel Saga, Book 2 by Annalisa RussoAn Angel Healed

The Wild Rose Press, Inc. (October 2014) Spicy Historical Romance

Hope Macklin needs to make more money to support her hodgepodge family.  As an obit writer for a Chicago newspaper, she hopes to show her boss she can handle reporting the society news starting with the wedding of Tessia Cavelli.  What begins as a simple assignment turns into a complex web that threatens to implicate Hope and an accomplice in a possible murder case.

Tessia’s brother, archeologist Raphael Cavelli, may travel the world and have a woman in every port, but his heart only wants Hope—the girl he admired from afar seven years ago.  Unfortunately, there’s barely time to woo a woman when Rafe has his own struggles in keeping the law off his back for stealing an archeological find while trying to unravel why his wealthy family is the target for unscrupulous acts.

Annalisa Russo captures the feel of Chicago in the 1920s.  I easily became immersed in the time period and Russo’s believable characters.  The complicated plot unraveled expertly and kept me guessing to the very last chapter.  I’ll definitely read the next book in the Cavelli Angel Saga and recommend this series to readers who appreciate the historical research necessary to write a book of this kind.

LOVE REDESIGNED by Sloane B. CollinsLove Redesigned

Soul Mate Publishing (November 2014) Spicy Contemporary Romance

Masterful cake artist Genevieve Haywood can’t say no when her favorite cousin invites her to France to orchestrate the baked goods for her wedding and serve as a bridesmaid.  Genevieve hasn’t been back to France since she was a nineteen-year-old student at Le Cordon Bleu.  When she arrives at her cousin’s chateau with her best friend, Daniel, she is stunned that the dress designer for the bridal party is her former lover, Roman Duchaine.

Roman is equally stunned to see Genevieve and proclaims his disinterest in her when questioned by the bride.  He knows he cannot avoid Genevieve entirely in his role of dress designer and best man for the groom.  When his old attraction to her resurfaces, he cannot control his desire.

Collins manages to slowly unravel the fifteen-year-old misunderstandings and secrets of the couple who are better at pleasuring one another sexually than at admitting their feelings.  Love Redesigned is a well-written story of misunderstandings, deceit, and grappling with love that refuses to die.

Review provided by Jackie McMurray for her column Jackie’s Jargon in the January 2015 issue of The Book Breeze.

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