Review – The Time Between by Karen White

The Time BetweenThe Time Between by Karen White

New American Library Trade Contemporary Fiction

Karen White’s books explore the complicated relationships within families, within friendships, between strangers. The Time Between, explores all of these with the assurance that there is hope. The primary setting of this particular book is in one of my favorite places on Earth, a barrier island off the South Carolina coast—Edisto Island where the sand and sea beckon peace of mind. White isn’t squeamish in her topics and absolutely is not saccharine in her resolutions. White doesn’t disappoint as she weaves an intricate maze of secrets and possibility through her fully developed characters and always intriguing settings (Sea Change). My favorite character in this book is the ancient Helena, who lives and plans to die on Edisto. Full of grit and old time spit-and-vinegar, she keeps everyone on their toes.

As with most of Karen White’s books, the story involves a continuum of ages and invokes childhood memories, incorporating lost dreams and new strengths. It reminds us who we were, who we are, and who we can be. It reveals that families strangled by the past can untie the knots and achieve a new life.

The Time Between will make you laugh out loud, burn with anger, shout with frustration, feel the rip in your heart, long to be a part of the developing romance, and fill you with hope for the future. The pain of chronic loss, chronic injury, and chronic illness are portrayed with acute intimacy and juxtaposed against a circle of warmth and love. Damaged people who long for redemption and forgiveness can be an exhausting and dark read, but White’s story rises above that. It encourages you to turn the page to experience where she will take you next.

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