Review – Doing it at the Dixie Dew

Ruth Moose
Minotaur Books
Cozy Mystery


People are dropping like flies in the small Southern town of Littleboro. Beth McKenzie’s inaugural guest at her new bread and breakfast, Dixie Dew, is the first body. Ruth Moose clearly knows her craft and gives an intriguing look into the life of a new entrepreneur and the challenges that are heavy enough without a death in the lovely old house she inherited from Mama Alice. Distraught and confused, the protagonist, Beth, journeys from elation to questioning her decisions and back again, struggling with a possible love interest, the police, and exploration to find out who is killing people in Littleboro. A cryptic note tucked into her dresser confounds and frightens her into action.


Ida Plum Duckett, Beth’s right arm in all things Dixie Dew, keeps things at the B&B in line as Beth stumbles, trying to find her place in the small town and withstand the stigma of Miss Lavinia Lovingood, who shocked the town by returning and then dying her first night back. Carefully tied off sub-plots and the mystery of Miss Lovingood, involve wonderfully named characters—a little Dickensian karma—in the setting of a charismatic house. The tortured tales of those murdered makes for a good read and hopefully introduces a new series at the Dixie Dew.


Reviewed by Mahala Church for her column Barefoot Reviews in The Book Breeze.

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