Review – Gone Girl by Gilliam Flynn

Gone GirlGone Girl
by Gilliam Flynn

Crowne Publishers

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Reviewed for The Book Breeze by Barefoot Reviews

Having found Flynn’s Dark Places and Sharp Objects,exciting books with good plots, I admit that I expected a lot from Gone Girl. I did not get what I expected. I forced myself to read the laborious first part of the novel, determined to find the core of this bestseller.

The first part could best be defined as loosely based satire. Nick is a boring, milksop, co-protagonist on a good day. While it is easy to assume that my view of Nick is what Flynn wanted, I need more from my main characters, especially the annoying ones. He was too weak to dislike, a throwaway at best. From the beginning, it is obvious that Amy has a plan, even if she is dead. The shared lead, she is another character to dislike.

A bestseller that got rave reviews around the globe, Gone Girl has more weaknesses than strengths. The plot is obvious with only a few surprises towards the end. Pacing plods to the point of exhaustion in the first part. The book does not have the sharp wit it promised. It does not have the tension and drama it touted. Perhaps, the story tries to point out that we tend to make assumptions about who the bad guy/gal is: a fact most of us know.

Perhaps, it is meant to be a sociological study of marriage, but, if so, it did not imbue me with new insights. Perhaps, it points out the influence media has in our lives with the manipulation of information, again, not a new idea. While I am disappointed in the book, I will continue to read Gillian Flynn to see if the next book grabs my attention as some of her other work has done.

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