Review – Murders in Manatas by Roberta Rogow

Murders in Manatas
Roberta Rogow

Zumaya Otherworlds
Genre: Alternative History Fiction

Reviewed by Barefoot Reviews

Rogow’s characters are believable from the first page. Her clarity defining the physical and emotional characteristics of Halvar, an intelligent and physically strong new protagonist, buys reader loyalty as we see the world through his eyes. An evocative read with Spain in control of the New World, a world with subsets of religions factions: Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, and Naturalists, it creates an imaginary setting based vaguely on Manhattan and Greenwich Village, New York in their earliest settlement days.

Rogow easily draws readers into the settings, using all five senses that at times were so believable, I became nauseous along with the characters. She dives right into the action, and her mystery plots move along with good pacing and a few surprise twists and turns. The interactions between the various religious, cultural, and ethnic groups is truly imaginary, but in a delightful way, that obviously makes you wonder why the world spends so much time fighting.

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