Review – CALLER OF LIGHT by TJ Shaw

by T J Shaw
The Wild Rose Press (Nov 2012)

Reviewer:  Laurel Newberry

It is such a joy to find a book that has everything,  one that lives up to its back-cover blurb. T. J. Shaw offers an exciting new spin on familiar story lines that include a touch of Cinderella crossed with  Katniss from The Hunger Games.

Carina McKay is an outsider. With one parent of royal blood,    she’s not nobility, yet not a servant either. The only comfort        In her mundane existence is her love of Critons, the large        fire-breathing creatures that protect the border of her         homeland. But her destiny changes forever the day she catches the eye of King Marek Duncan.

Marek’s heart is closed to love. After an arranged marriage      withers to a bitter end, he dedicates his energy to      protecting his kingdom. Yet he’s searching for something     more–the Caller of Light, the one who summons Critons.

Carina’s beauty and willfulness intrigue Marek, and he’s determined to have her. When his enemies try to come          between them, he discovers just how much he will endure       to protect her. Together, they can unlock a love that binds their souls, but only if they find the strength to follow their       hearts.

Carina, our heroine, is the illegitimate daughter of King McKay who secretly spends time with the Critons, the dragon-like creatures who are at the base of the kingdom’s power.  McKay also has a legitimate daughter, Marissa, whom he is offering as bride to King Marek Duncan of Stirrlan.

Marek Duncan is not the typical handsome prince, riding to the rescue. He is a divorced King who is seeking a way to strengthen his holdings by forming an alliance with McKay. And since Marissa is rumored to be the next Caller of Light, a woman who draws the Critons (dragons), he has come to court her.  When he meets Carina on his way to the palace he is intrigued by her, and

Since I don’t want to offer any spoilers I’ll simply say that Caller of Light offers a world of adventure, dragons,  mystery, a handsome young King, and diabolical betrayal. The writing is lovely, the pacing is excellent, the twist and turns are delightful, and the characters are beautifully drawn.  I whole-heartedly recommend Caller Of Light, and will be anxiously awaiting more from T.J. Shaw.


Blood on the Moon DQC

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