Interviews with Judy Alter and Sasha Summers


First published in 1978, Judy has been a writer since she was ten years old. Her main focus for years was the American west with novels about Jessie Benton Fremont, Elizabeth Bacon (Mrs. George Armstrong Custer) and Etta Place and the Sundance Kid.

Now she is turning her attention to mysteries. Utilizing her passion for cooking, MURDER AT THE TREMONT HOUSE is the second installment in her Blue Plate Cafe Mystery series.

Q: Tell us about your new release and why you chose this genre.

MurderattheTremontHouse-md (2)My new book, Murder at the Tremont House, is a cozy. I’ve been a cozy reader since my days with my nose in Nancy Drew books. When I switched from writing about women of the nineteenth-century American West to mysteries, naturally the cozy was my genre.

Q: What led you to write this book?

This is the second in the Blue Plate Mystery Series, following Murder at the Blue Plate Café. I wrote the series because of a cafémy kids and I used to visit in a small East Texas town and because I wanted to write a bit about food even if it isn’t quite a culinary mystery. It’s mostly down-home cooking, but recipes are included.

Q: Did you have an interesting experience in the research of this book?

Choosing recipes, especially for the cooking school section. Otherwise not much research was involved. It came out of memories of the place and my imagination, and of course the characters were in place from the first book.

I wasn’t sure I was ready to write this until the first line came to me one day. It’s “Gram’s dead.” And suddenly I had the situation—twin sisters whose grandmother owns a café and dies suddenly. It just went from there. I’m a pantser not a plotter.

Q: What do you hope readers take with them after reading your work?

Affection for the characters and curiosity to investigate my other fiction, both the Kelly O’Connell Mysteries and my books about women of the West. I’m interested in all aspects of women’s lives, both in contemporary Texas (my settings) and the historical West.

Q: What is the one question you wish an interviewer would ask you?

Why aren’t you a New York Times best-selling author? I want to know the answer!

Q: Are you doing blog tours or other promotional events and giveaways?

I’ve scheduled several individual blogs, mostly in March, but will keep working on that. I’ll do giveaways on some of those and a giveaway on Goodreads once I get print copies. I announce these things on Facebook—all readers have to do is “Like” my author page, Judy Alter Author. Readers can also follow my blogs: Judy’s Stew ( and Potluck with Judy ( ).



Sasha’s passion for storytelling has taken her down a new road with the release of her first YA – COWBOYS & KISSES.
Q: Tell us about your new release and why you chose this genre.

COWBOYS & KISSES is a total departurefrom what I normally write. I never thought about writing YA, honestly, but I loved these characters and wanted to tell their story. I’m a character writer – normally characters come to me and the story goes from there. Allie, the heroine, had a very strong (loud) voice, she wouldn’t give up until I told her story. J

Q: What inspired you to write this book?

Our family went through a huge move a few years ago. It was very hard on my daughters. I remembered going through a similar experience when I was a teenager. Allie kind of ‘sprang up’ from there. Wyatt followed – sigh- thank goodness. And the story sort of fell together in a very satisfactory way!

Q: What research did you use for this book?Cowboys and Kisses

Interestingly enough, I used a lot of real life experiences for this book. I grew up surrounded by the cowboy culture. Even though I was never ‘in it’ it’s a very unique lifestyle. I loved being able to introduce readers to that world. I just hope I did it justice.

Q: What do you hope readers take with them after reading your work?

I love it when readers connect to my characters/stories. I guess I’d hope this book resonated with young girls out there. To remember that there are people out there that do love you, don’t give up.

Q: Are you doing blog tours or other promotional events and giveaways?

The month of March, C&K will be on tour through Viviana Enchantress of Books AND InkSpell Publishing as well. Here’s hoping they get readers excited over Allie and Wyatt’s story!

Thank you so much for having me!

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